7 Reasons Why Your Business Must Hire A Social Media Manager

3. Create And Manage Your Online Presence!

Whether you have an online presence or not, your Online Consultant will ensure that you maintain a strong online existence that matches your business’s practices and ethics. Your Accounts and profiles will be created and then managed for you.

Whether you are looking for only basic online presence in the form of for example Facebook and Twitter accounts or more detailed content creation & distribution, audience building and basic reputation management across your social media platforms, your Social Media Manager can handle this all for you.

4. Clean Up Your Profiles!

Your Consultant will periodically clean up your inbox and direct messages that you may receive on Twitter or messages you receive on Facebook or LinkedIn.

All too often both business and personal social media profiles can get cluttered with a lot of useless information and spam. You only have to take a brief look on Facebook to see the many business and personal profiles that are managed poorly and hence show up a lot of spam and inappropriate information on their pages.

Cleaning up profiles can be quite a laborious job as some of our business clients get over a 100 unwanted messages a day across their social networking platforms. There are programs that can be applied to simplify the method but it is best to have a human eye determine what spam is and what may be important information. Too often the programs available cannot distinguish between automatic direct messages and ‘real’ messages and will hence delete all of them.